Wednesday, October 20, 2004

It's a meeting of the minds!

P. Diddy talks to Hillary Clinton and serious political discussion ensues:

P. Diddy: Last question and I'm gonna let you go, because your outfit looks so incredible. You're definitely one of the best-dressed politicians in the game — that's a little sidebar, I just love your outfit....

Clinton: We have already registered 20,000 young people on my Web site. But then we've got to convince people to vote. And the best reason to vote is: Why do you want to turn over power to somebody else? Somebody who doesn't look like you, doesn't care about what you care about, doesn't have the same feelings you have, doesn't have as much at stake for the future.

(Note: emphasis mine)

Now I feel it fair to explain that there's a whole lot more to the interview than the little clip above (though in my opinion it's equally banal - no offense to the participants intended - after all this is an MTV event). You can read the rest on the link, but I couldn't resist quoting P. "Czar of Bling" Diddy telling Hillary Clinton that she's the best-dressed politician out there.

My real issue is with what Hillary (or "Capitol Hill" as I like to refer to her) says. Why do you want to turn over power to somebody else?!? Isn't that the purpose of voting in general? Am I missing something here? This whole time I was voting I thought I was choosing who I thought should be in charge of the country on my behalf. Little did I realize that it was a gigantic raffle where I might be able to pull the fabled "Golden Ticket" and become leader of the free world!

Then the whole charade about somebody who doesn't look like me, think like me, etc. Give me a break. I guess Hillary hasn't notice that the current battle for the Oval Office is being fought by two rich, white men.

I still side with the South Park boys. If you don't think it's in your interests to vote, I'm not going to try and change your mind on the issue.


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