Monday, December 13, 2004

The Tao of Dogs

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The Yin Yang is a Taoist symbol of balance of opposites in perfect harmony. It represents, in very crude terms, the idea that something cannot exist without an opposing force to counter-balance it.
It gained a lot of popularity in the mid-to-late eighties when it was used as an integral part of the T&C Surf Designs Logo.

Tao Dogs
Originally uploaded by egoodwin.

Coincidentally, my dogs have opposite personalities which seem to balance each other out. Taylor, my golden retriever, is happy and stupid, constantly hungry and generally just interested in being fed and being left alone so he can sleep as much as possible. Bandit, our lab/husky, is constantly wired, extremely protective, jealous, and dominant to a fault. My wife's run with Bandit up to 13 miles and he doesn't show much sign of exhaustion when she's done with him. So I suppose it's appropriate that I found them resting in our kitchen the other day in a very Taoist-like pose.


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