Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Isn't this kind of the point?

The Wall Street Journal points to a trend among a small minority of Netflix users who let movies sit on their shelves unwatched for months at a time without watching them.

Having been one of those people (Ran sat on my shelf for a full 3 months before I found a four hour block to sit down and watch the movie in one sitting), I've got to wonder what all the fuss is about. I mean, part of the point of Netflix is the "no late fee" aspect of the model that allows movies to gather dust with no ill effects.

The WSJ seems to want to imply that the emperor has no clothes. I think the robes he wears are just fine, personally. [via cote]

(btw, Road House just arrived yesterday and my wife insisted on watching it once thru without the rifftrax commentary first since she'd never seen it before. After viewing a movie which, in her own words, "exceeded all my expectations of terribleness," I think she may be looking more forward to the rifftrax commentary than I am. I'd forgotten how incredibly dancy all the fight scenes are. Swayze and the guy who plays "Jimmy" don't do spin kicks...they pirhouette!)

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