Wednesday, September 01, 2004

You know what I want?

I want to be able to download company earnings calls from various companies as mp3s so I can listen to them at my leisure, away from my computer.

Once again, I'd think mp3s would be easier than the BS streaming Windows Media that most companies do. I'd also be able to rewind and fast forward to where I want while I'm driving, running, etc.


Blogger Cote' said...

No kidding. What's up with the lack of that?

You know, I bet there's a good market for a device you could hook up to a phone (e.g., during an earnings call), with a big red record button on it. You'd stick it on your phone/plug it in, press record, do your conference call, press stop, then plug it into your USB drive, and copy off the MP3 it recorded.

Then, you could edit it down to whatever you wanted, and put it up on the website.

I really have no idea why most people don't release stuff like that in MP3...other than they just don't realize how easy, and user friendly, it'd be.

MP3's everywhere! ;>

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