Tuesday, March 22, 2005

MC Chris

MC Chris (best known as the voice of Hesh on Sealab 2021) is also a geek rapper extraordinaire. Check out his online collection of mp3s. I especially like "Fett's Vette" (an ode to Bobba Fett and his cool rides).

Slice you open like a Tan-Tan,
faster than the Autobahn,
Or a motorbike in Tron,
do the deed and then I'm gone
Jabba has a hissyfit,
contact calrissian...

Also, be sure to check out this interview with mc chris on slashdot.

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Blogger Chris Farmer said...

Some of the players in Star Wars Galaxies did a great in-game music video for Fett's Vette. It's excellent if you can find it.

3:14 PM  
Blogger egoodwin said...

You can find the video here.

It IS pretty awesome! I had no idea Fett was that good a dancer ;)

11:40 AM  

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