Saturday, March 26, 2005

Paging Dr. Frist...Dr. Bill Frist

While I've got my opinions on the Schiavo case, I'm going to be kind to my gentle readers and not air them. However, when it comes down to the political grand-standing our spineless politicians are doing in order to squeeze some more blood from the stone of political opinion, I feel more than comfortable commenting. In particular:

Speaking on the Senate floor "more as a physician than as a US senator," Senate Majority Bill Frist, MD, said he believed there was "insufficient information to conclude that Terri Schiavo is in a persistent vegetative state."


Frist apparently used a digital video of Schiavo to determine that the Florida woman who has been fed artificially since she was brain damaged in 1990 might not be in a vegitative state. Think that's against a few ethical standards, but moving on...
from [Personal Democracy Forum]

Now, if you want to let your religious convictions sway you one way or another, more power to you...but to get in front of a nation and say that a twenty to thirty minute video allows you to come up with a more accurate diagnosis than teams of doctors, nurses and other specialists who have had key access to this woman for several years is nothing short of ignorant, disingenuous pandering. To use this case as a springboard for reelection is sick.

Which is why I'm fully endorsing this idea. Upload pictures of your medical ailments to flickr, tag them with the word Frist, and get them sent to our esteemed "doctor," who will then diagnose them. via [boing boing]

Update: apparently, someone else has the same ailment that I do.

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