Thursday, September 02, 2004

Raise the woof!

Apparently, dog lovers are pro-Bush. The survey asked what kind of dog the presidential candidates would be and which president would be better for dogs in general.

What I found most intriguing was that the survey was put out by Bank One (now part of JP Morgan Chase). The first question that came to my mind was why would a bank care what kind of dog matches presidential candidate personalities?

The other thing I found funny was that both presidents were voted likely to be a Lab (Bush was voted as likely to be either a Lab or a Rottweiler while Kerry was voted likely to be a Lab or a Poodle), yet the headline reads "Dog Lovers Say Bush Like Lab, Kerry A Poodle"

Apparently, Kerry makes "a wonderful family companion." I had no idea. I can just picture it now:

Kid: Mom, John Kerry followed me home from school. Can we keep him?
Mom: Timmy, you know I've told you a hundred times to stop bringing politicians home as pets!
Kid: But, MOM! Kerry's the best! I've even taught him some tricks! Watch.
Kid: Kerry! Sit!
(John Kerry sits obediently)
Kid: Now Kerry! Filibuster!
(John Kerry stands at attention and begins to pontificate on various nonsense)
Mom: Timmy, I told you, no left-leaning pets in the house! You remember the last time you brought home that Al Sharpton and it got in a fight with the neighbor's Dick Cheney? It was chaos!
Kid: Jason's mom let him keep that decorated war-veteran Wesley Clarke that he brought home the other day!
Mom: Well, I'm not Jason's mom so take this thing outside and get rid of him!
Kid: Yes, Mom.


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