Thursday, March 31, 2005

Yahoo 360°

So, I got an invite to check out Yahoo 360°, and now I can invite other people too. If you want to check it out...specifically you non-techie, weenie friends of mine, then shoot me an email.

My account will probably sit there rotting unless you other folks step up and get me interested in it. I've discovered with these social network things that if you don't have a groundswell of users they are typically useless, and most of my friends and family don't spend any time at their computers away from work. They just use email, arguably the most bass-ackwards mode of communication in existence today as the extent of their computer use.


Blogger Fabio Latino said...

Can you invite me to Yahoo 360°?


1:34 AM  
Blogger egoodwin said...

Sure...invite's on it's way

9:28 AM  

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