Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Fundamentalists say the darndest things!

Wacky statements from Fundamentalist Creationists! It's a mine of comedy gold!

For example:
"You know how I always say I witness to telemarketers? Well just a few minutes ago I had another one...another foreigner with a heavy accent, most likely from India...and I think I got through to him, folks!!!! Please, everyone pray for whoever that man is! He LISTENED to me!...When it was over, he said, can we talk about business (mortgage refinance)? I replied, no, sorry, I'm not interested in discussing a mortgage, and he still thanked me."

These are actual posts on various Fundamentalist message boards. Check it out. Some of the posts come from my favorite nutjob website RaptureReady.com, where zealots talk about how they're sooooo looking forward to the Rapture, and what preparations they're taking and how awesome it would be to get vacuumed into the sky.

Speaking of RaptureReady, apparently today's "Rapture Index" is 154, which is categorized as "Fasten Your Seatbelts!" So, I guess my question is, if you WANT to be sucked into the gaping maw of God during the Rapture, why should you fasten your seatbelts? via [skeptico]

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