Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Why Netflix rocks

I get a lot of questions about my Netflix subscription. Is it worth the price? What about those times when you really want to watch a particular movie RIGHT NOW, and it's not one of the ones you have checked out? Do you end up watching more movies and wasting more time now that you have Netflix? Is it really cheaper in the long run?

I think Netflix is probably the greatest bang for the buck service I subscribe to. What I save in late fees and hassle from not shuffling my butt over to Blockbuster is worth the subscription alone. Sure there are rare times when I go on a movie watching binge over the weekend and end up without a film for the next day while I'm waiting for my Queue to update, but there are also weeks where I don't watch any films and don't have to worry about hassles. I had Akira Kurosawa's "Ran" sitting in my living room for about four and a half weeks before I sat down to watch it. No late fees, no hassles, and I got to it on MY time. To be honest, I can't think of a time when I absolutely had to watch a particular movie right away and didn't have it, but if that ever happened I could easily go to the Best Buy down the street and buy the DVD rather quickly, or rent it from the neighborhood video store just the same as always.

As far as my movie watching habits, they've stayed about the same. Maybe up a little, but I've noticed that my TV watching habits have gone WAY down since I now use Netflix to rent TV show season DVDs and cut out most of the crap TV I used to watch. Plus, the Queue provides an easy way to remember the movies that I wanted to watch, instead of having to go to the videostore and sort through the stacks every time I come into the store. Oh yeah, and the Netflix RSS feeds are super-handy for staying on top of the New Releases and what you've seen lately.

Also, it seems like any time I've had a problem with the service, they seem to already have thought of an EASY solution and put it on their website where I could find it. Got sent the wrong DVD? No problem, fill a form out on the website, they send you the right one immediately, and tell you to send the wrong DVD back. DVD never arrived? Fill out the form on the website and they send you a new copy, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. I have yet to actually have to talk to anybody at Netflix about anything, but I feel like they're one of the most responsive, friendly companies I know.

But as for the main reason I love Netflix, more than my neighborhood video store, it's the fact that they have movies like
Terror Tales: Ninja Vampire Busters / Vampire Honeymoon in their inventory and the other guys don't. Yuh!

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