Tuesday, September 07, 2004

I've noticed the same thing...

Sciatica links to an article talking about how the iPod and iTunes music players' "shuffle" features are less than random.

Personally, my iPod and iTunes tend to fixate on entirely different things. My iTunes software queues up ManĂ¡'s "Vivir Sin Aire" a whole heck of a lot, along with the Beatles' "Maxwell Silver Hammer" and Bad Religion's "Henchman". My iPod on the other hand, seems to love Tripping Daisy's "Bang" and Rancid's "Red Hot Moon".

It hasn't been a problem for me yet. And no, I don't plan on scrubbing my embarassing songs off my iPod. So if you ever want to listen to Yanni, the 70's "Justice League of America" album, or any of my other guilty pleasure songs you let me know.


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