Sunday, December 19, 2004

Change Unread Tab Styles in Mozilla

Mozillazine Knowledge Base has an interesting Chrome mod to change the style of unread tab markers in Firefox. via [redemption in a blog]

Update: Chu Yeow has put together an extension to do the same thing! No more CSS mucking for you loyal readers! Thanks Chu Yeow!

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Google SMS

Google SMS looks kinda interesting. Not quite sure what I'd use it for, but there's so much stuff happening on the technology front lately that I've become quite accustomed to the fact that it takes me a couple of months to really find the itch that most of this stuff scratches.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Wiki Spam

I've noticed that Joi is setting up registration on his wiki to prevent WikiSpam. This is definitely one of those weaknesses of public wikis that everyone was aware of. I'm having the same problem on my wiki. Anyone else have any ideas on how to handle it? I might have to set up registration on my wiki if no one else has any solutions to suggest. It saddens me that I can't leave it open to the public at large.

You've got to love the irony...all the promise and potential of the internet, used by humanity to sell little, blue pills to each other. It's like what we did with the television, but somehow lazier, because now our computers just anaesthetize each other instead of getting us involved.

Monday, December 13, 2004

St. Arnold's Brewery Auction Action

St. Arnold's Brewery, maker of the best damn amber ale in the world (and located right here in H-Town), is auctioning off the
naming rights to the new Saint Arnold fermenter!

The winner's name will be unveiled on their January 1st brewery tour.

Radio shows: Internet Serendipity in action

Last week I was cleaning out my closet and came across some old radio shows on cassette that I had purchased way back when. I've always loved the old-timey serials they used to play; especially the old The Shadow shows, and The Spider. I decided at some point I needed to start hunting them down in digital format.

So, imagine my surprise when this
Sherlock Holmes Radio Shows archive showed up on most popular sites! There's a ton of awesome mp3s on here! Including Sherlock Holmes vs. Dracula!

Anyone know where I can download other ones from? I'm willing to pay a reasonable price for these...and I actually own the old Shadow shows on cassette, besides which, I'm not sure a lot of these aren't already public-domain.

Puckman (Pac-Man)

Computer games do not affect kids!
If puckman had affected us as kids then we would now be running around in darkened rooms dancing to repetitive music and munching pills.

The Tao of Dogs

Originally uploaded by egoodwin.
The Yin Yang is a Taoist symbol of balance of opposites in perfect harmony. It represents, in very crude terms, the idea that something cannot exist without an opposing force to counter-balance it.
It gained a lot of popularity in the mid-to-late eighties when it was used as an integral part of the T&C Surf Designs Logo.

Tao Dogs
Originally uploaded by egoodwin.

Coincidentally, my dogs have opposite personalities which seem to balance each other out. Taylor, my golden retriever, is happy and stupid, constantly hungry and generally just interested in being fed and being left alone so he can sleep as much as possible. Bandit, our lab/husky, is constantly wired, extremely protective, jealous, and dominant to a fault. My wife's run with Bandit up to 13 miles and he doesn't show much sign of exhaustion when she's done with him. So I suppose it's appropriate that I found them resting in our kitchen the other day in a very Taoist-like pose.

Last.FM UI improvements

Last.FM UI improvements
Originally uploaded by egoodwin.
The guys have been hard at work getting their UI to integrate some of the shortcut-key goodness that makes me love gmail so much! Check out the full-size screenie by clicking on the image to the right to see what I'm talking about.

I'm loving this. So far this site has keyed me in to several artists that weren't on my radar before.

Keep up the good work guys!

Friday, December 10, 2004

The Rasterbator

This is probably old news to most of you but I just discovered The Rasterbator, a service which allows you to upload a graphic file and convert it to a tile-ized rasterized pdf file that you can print out across multiple pages and then reassemble. Great for cool home decoration style tiling, etc.

I'm trying to figure out what huge monstrosity of a graphic I'm going to blow up for my living room wall now.

via [modern pooch]

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Dimebag Darrell - RIP

Originally uploaded by egoodwin.
Apparently Dimebag Darrell, former guitarist of the band Pantera was shot and killed onstage at a concert with his new band Damage Plan in Ohio. I was always a huge fan of the early Pantera albums and thought Dimebag was one of the most phenomenal guitarists out there. It makes me sad that something so tragically stupid could happen. It also looks like one of the other members of the band was shot and killed as well.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

A nuh mi fi Babylon

Take your love of reggae to the next level with this online Jamaican Slang Glossary.

Friday, December 03, 2004


So, I've been reading a lot on the internet about geeks going ga-ga over David Allen's Getting Things Done. My initial take was that the whole thing was more mindless self-help garbage that makes you feel more productive by focusing you on little tasks you can accomplish and making you lose track of the big picture. Kinda like Rich Dad, Poor Dad for filing systems, offering you vague platitudes that are impractical for real life.

David Allen even does the standard guru "instant authority" trick of quoting himself in the margins of his own book! To say the least, I'm skeptical.

Still, the love among the geeks continues with the system. So here's my question to the unwashed masses: Has anyone used this system effectively for six to twelve months and noticed a measurable improvement in productivity? Are you actually improving your output, or just doing more little things that aggregate to the same amount of big things?

I feel pretty productive as it is, but the filing system sounds appealing because that really is my weak point. Plus, I just redesigned my home office so this would be a good time to try and implement something like this (if it works), both in terms of ease of implementation and personal enthusiasm to try something. Plus, it would be a handy use for the ole PDA ;)

Let me know your thougths in the comments section if you've got 'em.